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Who needs a website?

  • All Businesses
    All businesses need a web presence. Not having one is just not an option anymore. You should at least have a website that shows you are a legitimate business, that you’ve spent money investing in this so they should feel comfortable letting you handle their business. Even if you get all of your referrals via recommendations from satisfied customers, people will want to Google you from their smart phone to see if they can find your phone number, if you provide exactly what they are looking for, or if they can email you right now while they are thinking of it.
  • Anyone that hasn’t gotten online yet
    Have you been in business for a while and are just waiting to see if this internet thing will really stick? You need to claim your own part of the web now! You can not be a competitive business today without a website. That’s just how today’s world is. Websites are as big a requirement as business cards and printed material.
  • Anyone with a website over 3 years old
    It’s time to update! Technology changes so fast, and websites have to be able to keep up with both consumer needs and security issues. If you have an old website you are probably missing out on interactive client activity as well as providing a way for hackers to use your webspace to send out spam and viruses. Modern website software addresses both of those issues and keeps your website updated as new issues develop.green arrow

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